African Lives Matter

Ganda Boys was formed in 2008 through an exciting collaboration on the highly acclaimed BBC-TV drama series, MOSES JONES.

Denis Mugagga, Daniel Sewagudde and Craig Pruess immediately found that they had a special sound and style together – and that they could write lots of songs as a team (so easily!) and the result was immediate, soulful, amazing and rewarding. Their unique and vibe rant sound was cemented in a critically acclaimed live show in London, which became their first recorded album.

Inspired to give back to their community, the three Ganda Boys started the GANDA FOUNDATION, their charitable organisation which raises money for social programmes to combat poverty in the Third World – starting with raising funds and providing equipment for Ugandan hospitals and schools in need.

Over the past 10 years, the Ganda boys Boys have developed a massage of “African Lives Mater” as a means to draw attention to the challenges faced by Africans on a day to day basis.  Over the years they have turned their music and performances into powerful tools through which some of these challenges can be combatted. (The UN Millennium development goals) 

Opening up the global markets for African products through music has impacted rural communities and refugees in settlement camps around Uganda. Through the sales of women group’s Art and crafts pieces the Ganda boys Boys and their foundation have raised helped lift over 7000 girls out of period poverty. This initiative led them to exploring the potential of working with the displaced communities on the slops of Mountain Elgon. These communities, displaced by severe landslides, are blessed with outstanding coffee growing farms. The Ganda Boys are using music to tell the stories of these communities while opening up markets for their coffee beans to markets across the world.