The Ganda Boys founded the Ganda Foundation in 2009 to create service projects for improving the quality of life in rural Africa, and we have a number of on-going activities in Uganda presently:


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“Awareness in the First World about POVERTY in the Third World”

• community projects in Uganda

• raising funds for the disadvantaged

• donating equipment from Europe for worthy causes in Uganda

The Ganda Foundation was established in the UK by Denis, Dan and Craig of the Ganda Boys during 2009 to directly contribute to the upliftment and improvement of the fabric of rural Ugandan life.

Ganda-FoundationThe aims of the Foundation are:

  • To establish clinics and health units for displaced people, Including health education programmes for  improving the living conditions of orphans and other disadvantaged children in the community; working with widows to integrate them back into society.
  • To improve the basic infrastructure in Ugandan communities – water, roads, schools, hygiene, hospitals, and much needed social welfare and support programmes.
  • To establish institutions to provide facilities for diverse training but with particular emphasis on agriculture, health, technology and sustainable living practices.
  • To promote programmes for economic and social regeneration and self-sufficiency in order to bring back self esteem to communities traumatised by armed conflict, malaria and displacement.

Kawololo Hospital, Mukono District, Uganda - no new equipment has been given to this hospital since it was built in 1968

Kawololo Hospital, Mukono District, Uganda – no new equipment has been given to this hospital since it was built in 1968.

The staff are very dedicated, but the roof is constantly leaking and old equipment is regularly failing.

Dr. Ivan, chief medical superintendant at the hospital, has been working with the Ganda Boys Foundation since June 2009


Premature babies at Kawololo Hospital are kept in make-shift incubators, heated by a light bulb

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Additionally, we are working with Lugazi Community Primary School for urgent supplies of educational materials, including books, maps, science equipment, language aids, audio visual devices and other learning tools, including computers and flat screen monitors.

Child-11-300x233(These photos shown here are from the fund-raising programmes and activities of the Ganda Foundation.)

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Just the money from one night that we spend at a restaurant in Europe can make a huge difference for a young life – for years!