Their new album, “Africa”, two years in the making, represents the next stage in the evolution of the Ganda Boys.

Taking off where “War of Love” finished, “Africa” has 15 vibrant new tracks, with a wider and more accessible sound than ever before.

The story-telling is there, the soul and groove are all there as before, but there is a new depth and size to the record production which has the potential to put the Ganda Boys on the international map.

Big production numbers include: “Jinja Road” – the story of the exodus from Idi Amin’s soldiers and those that lost their lives by driving their cars into the Nile River to drown; “Body of Africa“- the cry for protecting the African lands; “In the Name” – articulating the growing worldwide demand for political freedom; “Forgotten People” – an anthem for the dispossessed and those who suffer from the civil wars and strife of conflict; “Africa” – a spectacular reinvention of the famous Toto song, reinterpreting it with the inimitable Ganda Boys sound/message and a killer hook; “Coup D’etat” – the illusion of regime change in Africa; and Luganda chants featured in “Kachiiko“, “Lumonde” and “Ambuuse“. There are songs here from the heart with a lot of positivity and wisdom, too. Deep emotions and searing messages come through to transport the listener.

Funkier, lighter numbers include “Baby Baby“, “Weekend”, “Knock on the Door” and “Take a Bus”. With the Ganda Boys, it’s the Bus of Life, the Bus of Truth, African Truth, that powerfully and joyfully and sometimes poignantly weaves through our own emotional landscapes.

The sound of the album is rich and detailed, with some great musician performances, but always the lead vocals of Denis and Dan focus the experience with strength, clarity and conviction. Craig has expanded the sonic palette to include modern hip-hop beats embedded in traditional African grooves, bringing a true global fusion, accessible to a whole new waiting set of future fans. The ballads are beautifully rendered and the imaginative arrangements are crafted to the highest level.
This is an album to be savoured on repeat play, with a very long shelf-life.

“Africa” sets a new standard for international African fusion music.