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What’s New??

The Ganda Boys have recently been featured in the Mudzine Magazine! click the image to read the story and the rest of the mag to the left.

The article covers a casual interview with the band members and an overview of whats to come and the past concerts and charity events they’ve headlined.

New Vision on Ganda Boys Musical Map!

TWO years in the making, and many concerts later, the Ganda Boys (formerly known as Da Twinz) have expanded their sound and vision for an international audience.

The duet has been signed up by a British Band headed by former producer Craig Pruess. They signed a 25-year contract.

Taking off from where their debut album, “The War of Love”, left off, their latest well-crafted songs engage political and global themes, including some loved tribal songs from Uganda, which brought up to date with sparkling arrangements; contemporary, punchy and authentic percussion; and state-of-the-art mixing and productions. (more…)

New Vision on Craig Pruess

Craig Pruess, an American international music and film composer and platinum record producer has offered tips to Ugandan musicians.

The tips included producing marketing music and production of musical videos for the International market.

Craig Pruess is a versatile American composer, musician, arranger and gold & platinum record producer who has been living in Britain since 1973. (more…)

New Vision Ganda Boys Article

One of the founder members of Ganda boys, Craig Pruess will be in the country on weekend to conduct various awareness on charity work and promote music for the foundation.

He is scheduled to visit various centers like Katalemwa Children’ Home , Kawolo and Lugazi hospitals where the Ganda Foundation is involved in raising funds abroad to cater for some of the urgent needs of the hospitals. (more…) review on Ganda Boys o2 Performance

As an artiste, it is an honour to perform at the same venue as a legend; more so if that legend would have been Michael Jackson, if not for his untimely passing on in 2009.

Well, Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde of Ganda Boys enjoyed the honour to perform at London’s O2 Arena on April 16. Ganda Boys, the band, opened with Africa, a traditional song, which filled the audience with awe and energy that some stood up to dance. (more…)


Their new album, “Africa”, two years in the making, represents the next stage in the evolution of the Ganda Boys.

Taking off where “War of Love” finished, “Africa” has 15 vibrant new tracks, with a wider and more accessible sound than ever before.

The story-telling is there, the soul and groove are all there as before, but there is a new depth and size to the record production which has the potential to put the Ganda Boys on the international map. (more…)