New Vision on Craig Pruess

Craig Pruess, an American international music and film composer and platinum record producer has offered tips to Ugandan musicians.

The tips included producing marketing music and production of musical videos for the International market.

Craig Pruess is a versatile American composer, musician, arranger and gold & platinum record producer who has been living in Britain since 1973.

His career has covered diverse areas including :record production and arranging for international stars such as Sir Cliff Richard, Anu Malik, Sheila Walsh (Grammy nominated album: “War of Love”); feature film soundtrack music (“It’s a Wonderful Afterlife”, “Bride & Prejudice”, “Bend It Like Beckham

One of the founder members of Ganda boys, Craig Pruess conducted music workshops for producers, musicians and drama students of Makerere University this week.

Most of the notable musicians in the country attended the workshops that helped to enrich them with versatile of music writing and production. Craig said during an interview that he conducted special audio production workshops including composing music for visual media.

“Ugandans musician are good, but they need to learn more especially in terms of instruments and music arrangements. I dwelled much on those issues during my workshops,” he said. Craig visited various centers like Katalemwa Children’ Home , Kawolo and Lugazi hospitals where the Ganda Foundation is evolved in raising funds abroad to cater for some of the urgent needs of the hospitals.

He said that through music they raise funds to help disadvantaged people in the society especially those suffering from cancer.

The Ganda Boys was formed during 2008 through an exciting collaboration on the highly acclaimed 2009 BBC-TV drama series, MOSES JONES, which has been nominated for a 2010 BAFTA Award for Best Original Music Score by Ganda Boys, Craig Pruess.

The founding members of the Ganda Boys, Denis Muggaga, Craig Pruess and Daniel Sewagudde.

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