New Vision on Ganda Boys Musical Map!

TWO years in the making, and many concerts later, the Ganda Boys (formerly known as Da Twinz) have expanded their sound and vision for an international audience.

The duet has been signed up by a British Band headed by former producer Craig Pruess. They signed a 25-year contract.

Taking off from where their debut album, “The War of Love”, left off, their latest well-crafted songs engage political and global themes, including some loved tribal songs from Uganda, which brought up to date with sparkling arrangements; contemporary, punchy and authentic percussion; and state-of-the-art mixing and productions.

Besides, their string arrangements with a bona-fide string orchestra, yield extra emotion, and they are tastefully incorporated. The current album has both vocal maturity and instrumental excellence, and the block tribal vocal harmonies are evocative and pleasing.

This is a complete re-working of an iconic “white man’s” song about Africa, Toto’s well known 80’s “Africa” track is turned upside down in its message: “They talk about Africa, they say they love Africa, but do they know there is war down in Africa?”. The song hits the chorus with the passion of an African choir belting out: “I bless the rains down in Africa”. Chills up the spine; these are the Ganda Boys.

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